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digital garden todos

see digital gardens for where the inspiration came from

goal: get something online by Friday

  • start upload flywheel
    • script must either upload images/posts, or pull them from somewhere. needn't overwrite
  • work on layout / appearance
  • create content
  • finalize content rendering
  • figure out db situation

ok other stuff

  • layout: I have no layout right now and only a rough concept of the site design
  • github strategy
  • images in page
  • an mdx "imported components" strategy
  • backlinks
  • music:
    • wikilink with play button
    • improve widget
  • tooltips
  • private flag
  • fun web3 stuff (tracking user's content views, making points about p2p) (backer tap)

meeting with Caleb 6/24

  • don't be afraid to rip off tom critchlow??
  • garden can be a front page sorta thing for now

meeting with Caleb 8/23